2024 DirtFirst Husqvarna EE18 Rockstar Edition

DirtFirst Racing and Hollywood Movie Bikes have once again teamed up to build a bike that the big factories have been dragging their feet on, and this time it’s Husqvarna. With no electric bikes in their model lineup larger than a 50cc gas equivalent, and a growing number of battery bikes from other manufacturers hitting the market, one would think the brand known for some cutting-edge bike design might want to get in the mix. Maybe it’s a lithium and cobalt supply issue. Maybe they are waiting for the charging infrastructure to be ironed out. Maybe it’s a result of CEO Stefan Pierer going all in on the techno-optimism of E-Fuels replacing gasoline, a pipe dream in which we can keep using existing ICE designs and run them with fuel made from refining captured carbon with solar power. Whatever the reason, the company’s stagnation has allowed DirtFirst Racing to put out an electric MX bike model that Husqvarna could be building now.

Based on the DirtFirst team’s KTM Freeride Supermini race bikes, the EE18 uses all the innovations and works parts the team has developed during the last two years of participation in various racing disciplines. With a race-winning pedigree and proven reliability, the EE18 fills a gap in the motorcycle industry’s electric MX lineup.

The heart of the EE18 is KTM’s 18kw brushless electric motor, which is energized by a 3.9kwh lithium-ion battery pack and managed by an integrated motor controller. This powertrain has proven to be very reliable and simple to maintain. The smooth power delivery and water cooling allows it to outperform even the most highly modified Surrons and Talarias. To enable the EE18 to be raced at its maximum output in hot conditions, DirtFirst has added 30% more coolant capacity, as well as mounting 3” diameter cooling fans on the radiators. The fans run off a separate 12v battery and are controlled with a handlebar switch. An LED temperature gauge is mounted in the bar pad, and reads the coolant temp as it exits the motor’s water jacket for maximum accuracy.

The EE18 uses 43mm WP Air Forks, which are lightweight and easily adjustable. Schmidt Performance handles the fork valving and low friction coating. Billet XTrig ROCS triple clamps keep the fork tubes secured, and have a 14mm offset. The RaceTech GS3 rear shock is fully adjustable, and a wide range of springs are readily available off the shelf for different weight riders.

The 19/16” Supermini-class wheel set consists of Faster USA billet hubs with stainless steel Bulldog spokes and Excel rims. The Renthal drive sprockets and DID chain are 428 series and standard 14/49 gearing works for most race tracks due to the geared transfer case.

To stop the 230lb machine, the EE18 is equipped with Brembo brake systems front and rear. These are the same brake components used on the current KTM SXF models. A Galfer 260mm floating front rotor, and 220mm rear rotor are sized perfectly for the bike’s weight.

A DirtFirst aluminum skidplate protects the motor while still allowing maximum airflow to the motor casing. A G2 Ergonomics billet aluminum throttle tube and throttle play eliminator inserts are used, as well as Renthal 827 FatBars and Renthal grips. The Apex Raptor titanium foot pegs are lightweight and offer superior grip. The Works Connection Holeshot Device is a must for MX starts, and the Red Label pleated gripper seat cover and team graphics complete the package.

Most of the custom parts on the Husqvarna EE18 are available through DirtFirst Racing. We try to keep all parts in stock, including the hard-to-find OEM pieces. Pricing and info can be found in the products menu on this website, or email andy@dirtfirstracing.com with any inquiries.

Photos: Mark Kariya @kato.foto

2024 DirtFirst Husqvarna EE18 Rockstar Edition Components:

WP 43mm XACT AER forks

XTRIG ROCS billet aluminum triple clamps

RaceTech G3-S rear shock

Black anodized Excel 19”/16” rims

Faster USA billet hubs and Bulldog S/S spokes

Renthal sprockets, 14/49 gearing

DID 428NZ chain

Dunlop MX33 tires with HD tubes

Brembo SXF front brake system with Galfer 260mm floating disc

Brembo SXF rear brake system with Galfer 220mm disc

G2 Aluminum throttle tube

Renthal bars and half-waffle grips

Arc folding front brake lever

Works Connection Holeshot device

Apex Raptor Titanium foot pegs

DirtFirst Racing high capacity radiators

DirtFirst Racing radiator fan system

DirtFirst Racing MX aluminum skid plate

DirtFirst Racing by Red Label pleated seat cover

Acerbis MX plastic kit

Rockstar Edition graphics

2024 DirtFirst Husqvarna EE18 Rockstar Edition Specifications:

Engine-Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Maximum electric power-18kW(24hp)

Maximum torque-42Nm(31lb ft)

Maximum motor speed-7000rpm

Battery-Powerpack HV Lithium Ion

Battery voltage-260V nominal

Battery capacity-3.9kWh

Cooling system-Water cooled, electric water pump, auxiliary radiator fans

Frame-Perimeter, steel/aluminum composite

Fork-WP XACT 43mm AER, 10.95in of travel

Fork offset-14mm

Rear shock-RaceTech G3-S 10.24in of travel

Front brake disc-260mm floating

Rear brake disc-220mm

Primary transmission ratio-1:2.4

Final drive ratio-14:49

Chain and Sprockets-428 Series


Seat height-33.75in

Ground clearance-12.50in

Overall weight with battery and fluids-232lbs

Battery weight-62lb